View Full Version : Little oil on Spark plugs

09-24-11, 10:52 AM
Hi everybody

I went ahead and replaced my spark plugs today (NGK tr6) and found a little oil on the threats on 4 of the spark plugs. The ones closest to the firewall. The car has 18K miles and is a 2011 sedan with a 2.55 upper and tune.

Is this normal on this cars? Should I worry about it? The car doesnt consumes oil....:hmm:

Thanks for your help

09-24-11, 12:45 PM
Sounds like the PCV system isn't working well and causing the valve gasket seals to seep oil. Is there any visable leaking anywhere on the heads or VCG's?

09-24-11, 01:14 PM
No oil anywhere......:( The engine is clean...... Im comfused

Where is the PCV valve located..... ?

09-24-11, 05:53 PM
sorry, I got caught up thinking we had an OHC engine for a moment and the plugs were above the heads, but they go in the side. I should probally be banned for even thinking that, but I would still say it's oil that's getting sucked into the PCV system, or blow-by from the rings if you do alot of short distance trips. search around for a PCV canister filter and I would bet it would go away.

09-24-11, 08:48 PM
Thanks.... Yes I do a lot of short distance trips....
its my daily driver:) Im gonna look into one of those canisters; I have seen some people on this forum with some very nice set ups. Lets see how it works

Thanks again:D