: Cadillac's Offer to me..

09-23-11, 02:10 PM
I just need advice :confused:

So I have a 2010 Cadillac SRX Performance in Platinum Ice, I bought it with 12 miles I now have 30k on it :bigroll: bumper to bumper will probably expire in less than a year.

The other day the dealership calls me and says we'd like to get you into a bran new SRX (2011) for no money down :bouncy: I go to the dealership to see what it was all about. Salesman asks what do you like or dislike about your car? I say I LOVE my car and I dont want to change a thing about it! He does the numbers and turns out if I got a bran new one my payment would be $30.00 more a month. The bad news is they dont have white ones :rant2:. But they have a nice mocha one...and the other downside is it's the dealers demo...has 5k miles on it....MSRP $45k and he's "willing" to drop it down to $43k :bigroll: :thehand:

My question is would you pay $30 more a month and have the new extended warranty even though it's not truly the color you absolutely love? I mean don't get me wrong mocha is a nice color too, but it's just something about my white one that gets me all excited! lol

09-23-11, 02:23 PM
I may be wrong, but I believe that you havea 4 year bumper to bumoer, and 5 year 100,00 on the powertrain. Check and see for sure, that might make a diffrence about trading.

09-23-11, 02:51 PM
New is nice, but the colour you love is worth sticking around with, i say.

And ya DGRL7, you have a 50 000mile/80 000km/4 year bumper to bumper warranty. Along with a 100 000mile/160 000km/5 year powertrain warranty.

09-23-11, 02:58 PM
why not play hard to get for a while and then get into a 2012 (in white!)?

09-23-11, 03:24 PM
why not play hard to get for a while and then get into a 2012 (in white!)?

Yes I am bias, but what he said!

09-23-11, 04:32 PM
This one is tempting, but I'm with Captain. I'm too anal about the color I want. Call me impractical.

09-23-11, 07:30 PM
mmmm...isnt the plat ice discontinued for 2012 ? Most likely someone reallllly wants a plat ice and the dealer is trying to work over a deal with you to flip over your car to someone that wants that color.

09-23-11, 08:13 PM
Platinumn Ice along with sevewral other colors that were unavailable because the tusanmi destroyed the pigment plant in japan are now available again. Don't kow if the plant got babck in operation, or if they were able to source the pigment from anothr plant.

09-23-11, 08:36 PM
Platinum Ice is currently available to order for 2012. It became available in mid September,

09-23-11, 08:45 PM
ahhh, learn something new everyday

09-24-11, 08:44 AM
Just re-read my last post, and sorry for the lousy typing. Carpal tunnel is really making the fingers hard to move here lately.

09-24-11, 05:04 PM
Really Pony!
Where is the Gen 1 speller corrector dude, when you need him?!?!?!?!?!

09-24-11, 09:35 PM
He's like the plague, I am sure he will be back.

09-28-11, 10:31 AM
Thanks, and yes I mentioned to the dealer about the 2012. He basically said if I didnt like the payments they're giving me for a 2011 I def.wont like the 2012 payments because my interest rate will be higher and they wont be able to give me the incentives. We'll just see how much higher they are! Thank yall (hehe i'm from Texas where yall is a word)

09-28-11, 10:31 AM
And he was trying to talk me into the newer one because he said bumper to bumper is 4 years OR 50,000 miles whichever comes first. Like I said I'm already at 30,000 and I've had it for a little over a year.

09-28-11, 07:19 PM
The new car 4 year warranty clock starts the day you take possession. regardless of the model year.

09-28-11, 07:59 PM
the warranty has already started on that dealer demo ... it's a used car