: Clicking noise from actuator

09-23-11, 11:03 AM

I was told by another member to also post my concern in this area. I have a 2010 SRX Luxury. I have aprox 30K miles on it. I have complained to my service department where I purchased the vehicle regarding the noise coming from the climate control vent system. Many other members have complained about this noise and posted the service bulletin for the fix. The first time I complained I was told that the noise was "normal" and to just deal with it. Afew months passed and I saw others were getting this fixed so I followed the suggestions to replicate the noise ( press AUTO and move the temp arrows up / down, this replicates the noise immediately ). I took my vehicle for service this week armed with the service bulletin # as well for the dealer to correct. They said they re programmed the actuator, did not replace it. The also claim they contacted TAC about this issue and were told by a technical advisor that this problem is on all of the 2010 SRX's and that was just how it was, nothing could be done. I don't buy into this theory because other members on the SRX board ARE getting this issue resolved. When I pushed the issue I got attitude from the service department and told that I'm basically looking for a needle in a hay stack. They also said if I remove the dash and have them replace parts I'm asking for further trouble with new squeeks/noises. I am not happy at all. I want this noise corrected. I am also having a problem with the idle on the vehicle. At a stop in traffic it's normally around 500 RPM's. The needle flutters and the whole car shakes like it wants to stall but doesn't. I have pushed my onstar button, had a diagnostic completed and nothing comes up. Service said no codes on the car and they are saying it's just "bad gas". I also don't buy this. I'm disapointed with my dealer - they really don't want to seem to help me and are more interested in arguing with me about this then trying to keep digging and resolving the problem. I paid alot of money for my vehicle and I expect it to be mint, expecially at such low mileage! My final beef - when I drove the car off the lot after picking it up, someone had adjusted my seat - I don't mind because they had to test drive it but they changed the memory button so set their own configuration! That was absolutely un necessary and it took me the whole night to get it put back to how I THOUGHT I had it.
Can you please tell me what my next steps should be? I certainly don't have any confidence in my current dealership and suppose I'll have to drive clear across the state of Illinois to see another dealer who's been able to fix multiple members issues with this noise.

Below is a link to the SRX forum where this issue is clearly discussed along with my updates on the situation.


Cadillac Cust Svc
10-11-11, 05:08 PM
Have you talked to a different dealership to see what they say? They may be more willing to help you. Talk to them and let me know what they have to say. You can also PM me your contact information (name, address, phone number, email address) along with VIN number, and the name of the dealership that you are currently working with and I will look into this and see what I can do to help you out.
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