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09-22-11, 10:00 PM
update to all friends online---i've moved from upstate NY to east central FL. i will greatly miss the turbo sport mode on twisty turny up and down back roads along with moving headlights----now i'm in the land of grids. anyone ever read the book Flatland? :thumbsup:

anyway, no front plate is needed in FL. there's some pretty weird screws holding the black mount on----round with a soft cross type of thread inside? not Torx/square/Philips or anything else i can figure. feeling around the back reveals some firm foam; dunno if i have to get back there for any bolts.

i know at least The Captain has removed his---can anyone clue me in?

09-22-11, 10:31 PM
those are called rivets, you will have to drill the heads off then using a punch you can push the rest through the bumper. You are going to have some ugly holes there if you remove it

09-22-11, 10:50 PM
There will be 4 holes left. There is a place that sells color matchede bumper plugs to fill them in with. A few of the people on the board have used them. Even though we didn't need it, I jst left the license bracket and bought a really nice mirror finish tag with the cadillac logo on it.

09-23-11, 03:54 AM
ok---i'm going to PM this to the Captain since he's posted photos of his car and i can't see any holes or plugs in his pix. thanks all.

09-23-11, 06:27 AM
If they don't require a front license plate in Canada then it probably wasn't shipped with one, or was just never installed. Also, someone on this board insisted the dealer remove it and fill and paint the bumper before they would purchase the car. If it is already on the car, there will be holes there. In Texas they require a fromt license. Even though I am from Oklahoma, the dealer had already installed the bracket as routine. If there had just been two holes I would have bought the plugs, but thought four plugs would look weird in such a small space.

09-23-11, 02:10 PM
ok---i'm alright with getting a "goofy" front plate since i can, and i appreciate the feedback. i'm glad i didn't pull those rivets without checking with y'all first!!

next step---painting the rear undercarriage black with the high heat paint as per that other post....i think that looks great!

09-23-11, 02:57 PM
Hello! Yea i bought mine in a province that had front tags, and the dealer forgot i am from out of province, and put it on. So yea, we worked it out so the dealer took the front plate frame off (by drilling out the rivets and punching out what was left) and then they took the whole front bumper off and plasti-welded the holes closed. They did a bang up job i say.

02-20-12, 09:46 AM
Are there any pictures of the bumper with the bracket removed? I definitely need to get mine removed and I guess get some bumper hole plugs.

**Edit** I found some:

02-20-12, 05:46 PM
fwiw, i bought this plate for my front and it looks great, particularly since my car is Grey Flannel.