: Electrical issue

09-22-11, 07:01 AM
I am having an issue in regards to my new 06 CTS-V. From what I understood, previous owner replaced drivers side door switch control module. I have an issue where occasionally, when I signal to the right, the highbeams will turn on. I've narrowed that down to the switch being done, and I've already snatched up a replacement I'm waiting to come in.

Now I am unsure if the signal switch is the cause of this issue (although i highly don't believe it is)

My main issue is that 2 times so far, I will find the DRIVER DR MOD fuse blown. Its a 10A fuse. I've had to run a higher fuse on it as to not blow it but once I did that, maybe 2 days later, the REAR DR MOD fuse blew.

I'm sure this is a bad ground... so where should I begin checking?

My original idea is to washer this up and do this:

I don't believe the car has had any aftermarket stereo system installed. The entire system is the stock Bose system. I'll be pulling panels off most likely mid-afternoon today.

09-22-11, 07:36 AM
Blown fuses are not caused by bad grounds, they are caused when the fused device malfunctions and draws too many amps, or when a power carrying wires are compromised and short to grounding metal. Look for a pinched wire.

See attached.

09-22-11, 08:29 AM
^Yeah and I wouldn't be putting in higher amp fuses. Not a good idea.