: Brake Fluid Level

09-21-11, 09:41 PM
Hello, This is my first time posting. I have a 2005 STS w/V8. I purchased the STS a few months ago, and I love it so far. I am getting a Check Brake Fluid level notice on the DIC. In addition the brake lamp is lit on the dash. This has also triggered the Service Brake Booster and Service Stabilitrak System notices on the DIC. The brake fluid is full to the max mark on the master cylinder. I replaced the brake fluid level sensor with a new part from Autozone. I tried clearing the code with an OBDII/CAN scan tool. The code was cleared from the history and now reads as a current code. The code comes up as C0267. I am wondering if I got a bad part or if something else is keeping the signal from reaching the computer. Thanks for any help.

09-22-11, 12:49 PM
Sounds like there is an issue with either the connector to the level sensor or the wiring to/from the sensor. C0267 is the code for the brake fluid level sensor circuit. As you mentioned, it also could be a bad part from stock. I don't buy anything from Autozone except oil and other chemicals. Never actual parts. I suggest a genuine AC Delco part from a GM dealer. I typically can get Cadillac parts cheaper from my local Chevy dealer. And the brake fluid sensor is probably a standard part across GM vehicles.

09-22-11, 09:10 PM
Thank you for the response. After searching some older threads I removed the sensor from the master cylinder and placed it by the fender ( still plugged in ). As soon as I removed the sensor from the master cylinder, the brake light on the dash went off and the rest of the notices on the DIC stayed off after I cleared them. I plugged the sensor back in to the underside of the master cylinder and the brake light came back on as well as the low brake fluid level notice and two others on the DIC. I tried the original sensor and got the same results. I believe I need to replace the master cylinder reservoir or possibly a valve inside of it that the magnetic sensor is supposed to be reading. Thanks again!!!