: Wipers on 81 Coupe DeVille

09-17-11, 09:44 PM
Having issues with the wipers on my '81 Coupe DeVille. They will not come on when I hit the switch but a minute or two later they come on. Today while it was raining they stopped in the up position and wouldn't move. Going home from work with the switch in the off position they started moving again and stayed on (with the switch off) for about 5 minutes. Any ideas on where the problem may lie?

09-17-11, 10:02 PM
Its the circuit board on the wiper motor usually. Replace the whole part, don't use one from Autozone either. My replacement part from autozone lasted for 2-3 months.

09-17-11, 11:03 PM
I would start with the switch (you can get it at any AC DELCO distributor). It's cheap and easy the replace and if doesn't fix you issue, then you've replaced something that is going to fail in two years anyway.

09-17-11, 11:41 PM
You know, while I agree with the above comments, I must say. Everyone tells me the switch will die. Mine hasn't yet (Have a spare anyhow) but the relay has, the pump/motor control has failed twice...but I still have that same switch. :)

09-18-11, 01:27 AM
I agree, the circuit board is the most likely suspect. Unplug the 2 wire harnesses to the wiper motor then pop off the gray plastic cover. you will see the circuit board.

09-19-11, 09:28 PM
Had the wiper motor changed today. Everything works great. Thanks for the advice.

01-08-12, 12:52 AM
If you're good with soldering, is it hard to repair the circuit board?

01-08-12, 01:17 AM
You can solder a connection on if you're good but you cant repair an actual printed circuit on the board. Look for burn marks on the circuit board, those are not repairable.