: Odyssey PC680 battery

09-17-11, 02:11 PM
21 lb. weight saving over the stock 101. If you stored your V in the winter and seldom used it below 40degrees, would it work out with the low reserve. Soflarick? Any experience?

09-17-11, 02:43 PM
I ran one in a Fox body Mustang. That car had one ECU. The battery would die within a few days of not starting the car. The V has something on the order of 7 computers, so the drain is far greater than my previous car. I would not run a PC680 in a V unless it's got a Battery Tender on it or if the car is a DD. I don't think it'll last long otherwise. PC925 is the minimum I'd use in a V. The PC680 did have enough power to crank a 5.0l engine, so it may have enough to crank an LS engine. For the peace of mind and lower hassle, run a PC925. The PC1200 is heavier than the OEM battery, so I personally wouldn't consider it. IIRC, the PC925 is around 10 lbs lighter than the OEM battery.