: Metal Content

09-17-11, 12:47 PM
I have a bunch broken, grungy looking, emblems and badges that I can't sell (wouldn't even try). They're not magnetic, so I was going to put them with my aluminum scrap, but now I'm thinking there may be some silver in them. Does anybody know what metals they used?

I have some '80's hood ornaments, c-pillar crests, trunk wreaths, c-pillar Sedan de Ville scripts, and a couple trunk V's.

09-17-11, 01:17 PM
There's no silver in them. I think most metal emblems and hood ornaments are made of a zinc alloy, it would probably depend on the year though. Really old ones can be brass or bronze as well.

09-17-11, 01:33 PM
That stuff is made of pot metal. Throw it in with plain metal scrap.

09-17-11, 02:03 PM
That's what I was thinking; chrome plated crap metal. Now I don't feel too bad about selling a bunch of them for aluminum.

I have a pile of cruddy gold emblems too. Did they use a real gold plating that would have a melt value?

09-17-11, 02:10 PM
Yes it's real gold, but worth nothing. There's just not enough of it.

09-17-11, 02:43 PM
I have a hefty accumulation of unusable gold emblems. The bulk lot should have enough to make it a worthwhile something investment (or at least be enough to make someone think its a worthwhile investment). I'll take the box to some of the pawn shops to see if there's any interest.