: 90 deville 4.5 stalling problems

09-15-11, 07:48 PM
first time posting hoping you pros have a answer for me. have 1 code and cant find it anywhere. F49 can anyone out there tell me what this is? the problem with the car is that it dies after you shift into gear or as you pull away. it dosent do it all the time. runs fantastic otherwise. have major tuned it and replaced the isc. sometimes it takes a minute or two to get it started again and sometimes it starts right away. can anyone help me with this problem. was also told that it may be a crank sensor but i heard this caddy dont have one. thanks car also has only 64K.

09-16-11, 12:01 AM
The OBDI codes are in a sticky at the top of this forum

F49 - High Temperature Clutch Disengage

Basically the computer turns off the AC compressor because the refrigerant got too hot.

That doesn't really correlate with the problem condition you are describing though. Are you sure that's the code, and is it the only one?

09-16-11, 09:14 PM
thats the only code and im not having any other problems other than the starting and stalling.

09-17-11, 09:41 AM
What are the symptoms when the car will not restart immediately? Crank no start? No crank?

I'm inclined to think that the stalling is from weak fuel delivery.

09-17-11, 10:20 AM
when trying to start somewhat tries to start but wont. cranks strong. checked fuel pressure and its at 45#. before and after starting. somewhat inclined to believe that the fuel pump is intermittent.

09-17-11, 11:35 AM
shoot some starter fluid down the throttle body next time

09-17-11, 02:53 PM
Just want to eliminate the possibility of a typo here, because it could really change the help you get - this is an F49 code and not an E49, right?