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09-15-11, 01:35 PM
Dear V Community, Having some unusual issues with my 2012 v Cpe. Pertains to trans operations in "sport" mode. When the vehivle is warm (200ish F) and trans up to temp (140ish F), if shifted into sport mode, only about 50% of the time will it annunciate the gear and display "trans sport mode" on the panel. Sometimes it won't annunciate and then in 10-15 seconds wake up and show the proper indications and exhibit sport mode shifting. Sometimes when sport is selected it will go into full manual mode and illuminate the "M" symbol, OR it will be in sport mode and suddenly without driver command, shift to manual and drop one or two gears, lots of fun that one at 70mph!!, OR it will be in sport then the gear number light will extinguish and a while later relight and give a sport mode annunciation, or, or, or
It is being picked up for service on monday and I'm simply staying out of sport mode and I'm fine. QUESTION is, any thoughts, ever heard of anything like this? Any comments I might offer service except unprintables.
BTW car is only 2 weeks old and has 800mi.
Thanks in advance.