: 1994 Fleetwood suspension upgrades...Looking for detailed advice and part #'s

09-15-11, 01:41 AM
Looking for suggestions on replacing stock suspension on 1994 Fleetwood with something a that will handle better but still keep the stock appearance. I know there is advice on this site and on others that suggest air lift 1000 bags and bilsteins in the rear or caprice springs and stock shocks in the rear as well, but no parts number for springs, shocks, or air lift kits. Since these set ups are not offered for 93-96 Fleetwoods when you try and search through a company like summit, what option/model car should you use to order....Roadmaster wagon, caprice, Impala? Do you need to replace front and rear springs or can you just replace the stock Cadillac springs with one of these other models springs without air assist and have the car looking stock?

If anyone has any advice along with the correct parts and information to use when ordering the parts please let me know.

I have always liked bilstein shocks and would like to add them to the Fleetwood....I'm on the fence about the airlift kit and would probably prefer to just add springs that would keep the stock height and might be slightly stiffer as the soft ride is a little too soft for me.

09-17-11, 04:31 PM
As I am always using OEM parts , I can not give you aftermarket stuffs but fleetwoodguy is a member in here and you can contact him as well . I might be wrong since Fleetwoods are heavier than Caprices if you use Caprice springs (if you like firmer ride ) then in long run your car may sag .

10-09-11, 11:24 PM
I installed Monroe sensa-trac load adjuster shocks all around and my Fleetwood has a firmer ride, yet kept all the comfort.

10-10-11, 11:16 AM
First thing we need to know is what suspension you have on your car. Look on your SPID sticker on the bottom of your trunk lid and tell us the codes that start with "F".