View Full Version : Hmmm, a Buick with Cadillac wreaths? just read this

10-26-04, 07:52 PM
ok, i went to wal mart today and i saw a white Buick Park Avenue. when it passed me i saw it had fender skirts (never seen those on a Buick except for Roadmasters) and a blue soft top with gold Cadillac wreaths on it and the Seal of the President or something (they were faded and i really couldnt tell what it was) in the middle of the wreath. upon further investigation the hood ornament was the same as the symbols on the side of it and it said "Presidential" on the side behind the front fender well with an image in front that looked like a crown. has anyone seen these, it was a 1997-1999 i guess, wasnt brand new but newer. were these made or did someone do some nice customization work? i was just confused cause it had a Cadillac wreath on it.

10-26-04, 08:24 PM
Very aftermarket.
Buick did a special car, last year 2004. Look for a Park Avenue WITHOUT the portholes & with chrome rims.

For '05, they have a Park Avenue in (Honest, no lie) Two Tone Paint! The roof is silver, the body is black. You can view it on their web site, http://www.buick.com look under Special Edition. The "C" pillar has an emblem thathas like the skyline of building in NYC. The '04 was called the Diamond Editon, the '05 is the Limited Edition. These are the first special Park Aves in many years. Presidential is definately aftermarket.

10-26-04, 09:12 PM
i kinda figured it was but i wasnt to sure seeing as i know dont know jack about Buicks. it was really nice looking, pearl white and gold trim. beautiful. i saw Cadillac wreaths on it and i didnt know what was going on. it was nice. it looked like 2 little old ladies driving it, they had to have bought it like that from someone. wish i had a picture of it. :( :rolleyes:

10-29-04, 09:05 PM
I like that LaCrosse.

My uncle has a Park Ave great car just not headrest in the backseat and it has a lot of things from my '93 DeVille.