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Dave Anderson
09-14-11, 10:49 PM
Yep, that's what my dealer quoted me for replacing the lid on the console (2006 XLR). It opens fine but will not close without pulling it up manually - I assume part of the hinge is broken. I can't be the first one this has happened to, so assuming I can get the part for something reasonable, does anyone out there know how to remove the console to get at and replace it?

Thanks! :annoyed:

09-14-11, 11:21 PM
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I see you and I joined the same month... :D

PM me your VIN and i'll see what I can do for you tomorrow.
It will probably still be pretty expensive, but I might be able to knock off about $400 from that price (or more)
Many of these woodgrain cupholder+ashtray/compartments are only sold as a full assembly the Escalade one isn't this expensive though
(it's a lot more expensive than the expensive ones on the escalades because there is very little demand for these xlr assemblies in comparison)

[edit: you've only got three posts ... :( either get up to ten posts so you can PM or email me your VIN]

09-16-11, 12:37 PM
wow 1300 or even 900 is alot for a console lid. is it possible you can remove the lid/hinge assembly and repair the break? i cant imagine that costing much

09-16-11, 01:43 PM
low production numbers don't work in your favor here... (supply/demand)

Dave Anderson
09-16-11, 03:12 PM
Yeah, that's what my Cadillac dealer quoted me, parts and installation; and of course you can't buy just the lid, it's the whole assembly, eucalyptus wood and all. Chris (RippyPartsDept) was kind enough to not only get me a better price for the part ($775) but also sent me an exploded view and R&R instructions, so thanks to him I can try to get in there and see if I can repair it.

The thing that really burns my butt is I just got the car, and I did notice that lid not working when I picked it up but I thought I had made a pretty good deal on it so I let it go - WRONG!!!!

09-16-11, 11:07 PM
The center console trim plate is really easy to remove. The only hard part is paying for it.

1. Pull the silver trim ring down at the base of the shift knob.
2. Remove the newly-exposed fastener (This is a torx T-15.)
3. Lift the shift knob straight up.
4. Open the cupholder door.
5. The trim plate is held on at each corner by clips. Pry the rear of the plate up first. I use plastic trim removal tools to prevent damaging the finish.
6. Pull the trim plate front end up.
7. Disconnect the electrical connector.
8. Fondle your removed trim plate.

Reverse the removal procedure to install (minus the fondling.)

If you have to disassemble the guts (not sure if you're getting a whole trim plate assembly or just the parts you need) you'll have to remove 6 Phillips screws. 2 on the right side of the shift bezel, 2 on the left side of the bezel and 2 shorter screws on the ends.


Dave Anderson
09-17-11, 12:23 PM
Thank you so much for the detailed instructions, CC; I'm pretty confident I can get that hinge working somehow, once I get to it without damaging anything else. This will be a big help!


09-17-11, 04:40 PM
You're welcome Dave!

You're discovering something I've repeated in posts aimed at prospective or new XLR owners: Just because used XLRs cost less now, it doesn't mean they're cheap to own, and that's an important factor to consider if you're on a budget. Simple repairs can be outrageously expensive and parts aren't always available. An XLR with lots of unrepaired problems isn't much fun to drive --especially if the top is inoperative.

Here's a way to save some serious money though. If you can't do it yourself, pay your dealer troubleshoot the problem. Get a parts list from their repair estimate (as well as part numbers) and go online.

gmpartsdirect.com and gmpartsgiant.com are two sources for OEM parts (One site belongs to a dealership that makes a fortune from their online sales.)

compnine.com has lots of exploded diagrams. Wade through their hard-to-understand upper drawing levels and navigate to the drawing you want. Click on it and a parts list with part numbers and prices appear. Despite it's less-than-stellar navigation, the site has a wealth of info.

Do be aware that in isolated cases, some online parts house's shipping is out to lunch, so ensure you look at all the charges. Your '06 assembly listed for MSRP for $1078.38 and sells for $639, without shipping. Not cheap, but 40% off. The same 04-04 part is $535 (might be the wood difference.) (gmpartsdirect)

Buy the part yourself and have the dealer install it if you can't. I saved a thousand buck on one repair alone. Sometimes the dealer will match the gmpartsdirect price (it's basically what they pay for the same part, only they can usually get it shipped to their place faster.) I have about a dozen sources to compare parts prices and if my dealer won't meet or beat them, I buy the parts myself. It pays to ship around.

Rippy has some good prices too, so there's another source.


Dave Anderson
09-18-11, 12:22 PM
You're certainly right about the prices, CC. I've had other "expensive to own" cars (Porsches, Mercedes, etc.), but this still floored me. I really like this car but it's got to be "right" or it's going to be annoying to drive - thanks so much for your advice on everything.


Dave Anderson
10-08-11, 01:23 AM
Just a followup - I finally got around to digging in to the console and was able to repair the broken hinge with a screw/washer/pin arrangement that I came up with. Only took about an hour but I would have never been able to figure out how to get in there without the help I got from CC Clark and Chris Heath - thanks a million (or at least $1320), guys! :thumbsup:

10-08-11, 01:16 PM
Glad to be of service! Good luck!


10-08-11, 01:54 PM
:yeah: glad to help

02-18-12, 01:35 AM
Every time I get bored with my Allante and think about buying an XLR, I read the forum. Then I go out and wax my Allante, fill her up with premium, put the top down MANUALLY in about 15 seconds, put in my favorite CD, and go for a nice drive. 6 years ownership, about $2000 in repairs, runs like a top.

03-28-12, 09:02 AM
Wow $1300 for a console lid repair. XLR look good but sound very pricey to maintain.

Dave Anderson
03-28-12, 09:12 PM
Hi - I'm the guy that started this thread. Just wanted to fill in some detail; first, the $1300 was not just for the cupholder lid - they told me it was that whole section of the console, they couldn't sell me just the lid because of the need to match the wood grain (but is it real wood? - sure feels like plastic to me). Second, I've learned long ago with toy cars to go right to the club for advice, and this club is one of the best! In my case RippyPartsDept and CCClarke came right back with the info I needed to get into the console without damaging it, and once I could see the problem it was a relatively easy fix. As I said earlier I managed to "build" a replacement hinge but I'm sure I would have been able to get one from salvage or, who knows, maybe GMPartsDirect has something less than the whole console available.

I've had the car about 7 months now; it was older and higher mileage (2006 with 26,000 miles) than I usually buy, but I jumped on it because I got it from Alice Cooper (yeah, THE Alice Cooper). It was his personal car and I got him to autograph the visor. It was a little scary at first, some electrical issues (as in completely dead after sitting every three days) but I've got it sorted out now and love the car - in fact I'm getting ready to have some custom paint done on it.

Bottom line, don't be afraid of toy cars. Just be smart, try to buy 'em when that depreciation curve goes almost flat (which it does with most high-end cars), but still young enough to be uber-cool and not have age-related problems, AND look for something unusual. I've been doing exactly that for over 40 years; my first car, back when all my friends were looking for hot rods, was a 1961 Cadillac convertible; I found one of 600 that was built with leather buckets and a console (yes, factory buckets and console in a Cadillac in 1961). It was four years old when I got it, and I would kill to have it back - of course it started to show rust after another couple of years, but I sold it for almost exactly what I had paid for it because it was so attractive and unusual.

OK, have to tell you about my most recent Cadillac adventure. Long story, but I found a virtually new 2006 CTS languishing at a Caddie dealer in Ohio that had been custom built for Sir Paul McCartney. He had donated it to a charity who consigned it to the Barrett-Jackson auto auction, and they sold it to someone for $102,500 (don't believe me? Here's a link to the auction video; it's a blast to watch for any Caddie enthusiast):


(Sorry, can't seem to paste a link into this forum - just copy and paste into your browser.)

I negotiated for months with the dealer who ended up with it, bought the car, drove it for four years, and then sold it last May to the Hollywood Star Cars Museum in Gatlinburg TN, for significantly more than I paid for it. Check it out; it's still on the front page of their web site, right next to the Batmobile!

http://www.starcarstn.com/ (Be sure to hit the "MORE INFO" button under the photo of the car.)

I love this hobby. I can't afford a house that will blow everybody away but I'm usually driving a car that makes 'em wonder who the hell I am, and like I said if you're smart about it it won't cost you much if anything more than a "normal" car.

03-29-12, 11:18 AM
Yup, that's real wood. Cadillac may be the only US carmaker that uses it anymore. It's varnished to keep it looking glossy. Glad to hear you're liking the car!


07-13-13, 05:16 PM
Just picked up a 2006 XLR. Glad to find this forum! I also have a broken hinge for the cup holder lid. It looks like the cupholder/ashtray assembly is broken off where the lid connects. I ordered Part: 19167175 for $33.98 from GMPartsDirect. I'll folow the directions I found here for removing the console. Thanks Much!

Cadillac Cust Svc
07-13-13, 07:17 PM
Just picked up a 2006 XLR. Glad to find this forum! I also have a broken hinge for the cup holder lid. It looks like the cupholder/ashtray assembly is broken off where the lid connects. I ordered Part: 19167175 for $33.98 from GMPartsDirect. I'll folow the directions I found here for removing the console. Thanks Much!

Hello 80Hz,

Congratulations on your new XLR! I apologize that you have a broken hinge on your cup holder lid though! I hope the repair goes smoothly. Please keep us updated after you complete it. I hope you are enjoying your vehicle other than that. Please private message us if you have any questions or concerns regarding your vehicle.

Gregory W.
Cadillac Customer Care

07-24-13, 02:26 PM
Okay this must be contagious because I just purchased a very clean 04 XLR and it too has a broken hinge on the cupholder lid. Is this due to passengers accidentally using it as an armrest or something. I mean I am somewhat pleased to know it's not some strange isolated problem and that theres tons of feedback available but I'm really gonna have to pay more attention tothe mechanics of this thing.