: Mobil 1's other products....

09-14-11, 07:58 PM
Have about 600 miles and I'm about to change oil to Mobil 1, but also wanted go with the Mobil 1 oil filter and automatic transmission fluid. Besides the oil itself, does it really matter, or make a difference?

09-15-11, 12:47 AM

09-15-11, 07:53 AM

strictly speaking, the products are superior, The M1 filters have more pleats(ie more filter surface area), better anti-drainback valves, filter down to smaller micron particles, are made of steel pleat enclosures instead of the plastic e-core ones that the new AC delco filters are made from, and some like K&N filters, have thicker steel casings, pre-welded wrench-off's and pre-drilled steel-wire ties required on some tracks. Trans oil products have to adhere to more strick guidelines on what you can and can't do(for example.. *all* Dexron VI ATF is ''synthetic'' fluid by specification), but that said there are differences and advantages in brands like regular oil.

There's also the problem that there is no Mobil 1 Dexron VI ATF yet.

To answer the question does it really matter if you switch from a 50 micron filter to even say, a 5 micron filter? I would say that maybe it does during inital break-in and the first 10,000 miles, but after that? Probally not unless you regularly go off-roading and suck dirt past the air filter. Oil breakdown due to long service and multiple heat cycles will cause more wear than something that gets past the oil filter. When you're talking about particle sizes this small and their effect on moving parts I'm not sure anyone will have a clear-cut answer on their effect except to say that abrasives in combination with poor lubrication are what wear down surfaces. There are a lot more factors going on that go twoard longevity of an engine-- particulary a SBC where you only have a hand-full of oil seals.. ;the seals that are there though typically break-down just because of age and heat-cycles, they dry-up/shrink and then oil gets past, which contributes to lower than average sump supply-- and further breakdown of the oil. GM V8's also typically burn some oil as they get older, which could be attributed to things like poor piston-ring sealing, and valve-steam seaks breaking down, which really doesn't have anything to do with filtration. That said, there are half a million mile LS2's out there already, and if you can re-seal it every 100K or so, keep oil in it and don't let the small stuff accumulate, the blocks, bearings and moving parts are defintally good for a few hundred thousand miles just on what GM calls for to begin with-- not even accounting for ''superior products''. More specifc to the V though, the LSA is so crammed in there it wouldn't surprise me if the entire wire harness is so brittle past 100K that it starts falling apart when you acutally start replacing sensors and the connectors just crumple in your hands.. Half my time on the S4 was replacing and bandaid-ing the harness because it would just fall-apart when I worked on it. I try to let her cool-down before moving into the garrage with the V, and even have resorted to putting a small fan in front of her for the 100degree summer, but that's also something to consider.
I used to be properly anal about oil and filters, I browsed bobistheoilguy forums for a few months. Right now, I'm using some OTS Mobil 1 5W30 that I changed to @ 1300 miles (and plan to every 5K), and left-over AC Delco filters from the G8 (since they're the same P/N's). Some of the reason for that is for warranty purposes, but a lot of it is conclusions I came to .

sorry for the legnthy post, but I thought I'd share my opinions if we're talking about what acutally makes a difference with regard to keeping a V2 running for 10 years+.