: Humming noise when makeing right turns ??? PLEASE PLEASE HELP ??? !!!! PLEASE

09-14-11, 12:11 AM
i have a 1998 Cadillac Deville with only 89,000 miles.. well ever since i bought the car i noticed that there is a humming noise only when i take a right turn??? .. well i noticed that the left front tire was starting to wear on the outside.. so one day i just decided that i just cant deal with this noise anymore .. not that its really loud but come on !! this is a Cadillac !! lol .. it sure dont drive like one .. soo anyway i jacked up both front wheels and shook it 12 and 6 and 9 and 3 .. to see if there was any play or anything loose well i noticed that there was actually play in the left wheel at 9 and 3 .. so i noticed that the tie rod was no good and replaced it .. after replacing the tie rod noise was still there ??? so i replaced the left wheel bearing.. noise still there !!! .. so i went and got a alignment at town fair tire .. WEll now the whole front end shakes when im going over 40 and that damn noise is still there only when i take right turns .. seriously please help me what else can it still be !!!!!!?????!!! please

09-14-11, 05:10 PM
This is a triple post - the same thread is also in Deville and Northstar Performance...............:thepan: