: Torque Converter? Shifting to 5th issue

09-13-11, 11:54 PM
So i've noticed, mostly today, that when the car is shifting into fifth while under light load, it seems the torque converter locks up and the starts slipping again. It will be a somewhat hard shfit, and the RPM's will drop and then rise up. And then after easing off the throttle a little bit after a bit more acceleration it will lock again. I do not notice it if I'm getting on it just slightly quicker. I don't stick my foot in it that hard most of the time, as my commute doesn't really call for it. Is this a similar issue to the TSB that I have read about on here? Or am I staring down a different issue?

Thanks guys,

09-17-11, 09:50 AM

09-17-11, 10:44 PM
I got all excited when I saw this up at the top ha ha :)

I used to have a 92 900 Turbo Convertible, and an 87 SPG. Yours manual or automatic? I still miss it sometimes.