: I'm Back!

09-13-11, 04:15 PM
Hi to all. I've been off the group for a while enjoying my 09 V however, after 42,000 miles, I got tired of it. So to remedy this problem, I ordered a 2012 Black Diamond tricoat with black graphite wheels. I just took delivery of it and am like a kid in the candy store...again.

This was and hope still is a great site to learn more of the in's and out's of our V's.

Getting my windows tinted tomorrow...pic's to follow however the camera just does not capture what this V really looks like in the sun!!!

09-13-11, 04:55 PM
Nice! Says a lot about a car when someone buys into another of the same platform cycle...

09-14-11, 01:33 PM
CONGRATS from a fellow black diamond V owner. You will enjoy the color for as long as you own it.

What did you get? Coupe, Sedan or Wagon?

10-05-11, 03:42 PM
Stayed with the sedan. No kids thus no need for the wagon. Just wanted to get my friends to dinner real fast!!!