View Full Version : 1983 Eldorado engine running problem!

09-13-11, 03:09 PM
Hi guys!

I've recently bought an 1983 Eldorado ht4100. It ran great for a while. Then i decided to repair the leaking gasket on valve cover ( passenger side). Along with gasket repair I have removed spark plugs and replaced them with new ones ( all 8). When I have put everything together again car started to make problems. When I try to start it sometimes it hesitates to start. When it's running in Park position it runs quite OK, although engine shakes a bit from time to time, but when I put it in gear the RPM drops dramatically, shakes like crazy and when I add throttle it sometimes shuts down. When I try to drive it the car lacks of power it feels like its running on 7 cylinders (my guess). I have checked sparks, work fine, cables, work fine (i have even additional isolated them), the on board diagnostic computer shows no errors. Please help!
My bad is that I am from Europe and these cars are very rare here and i don't have a lot of spare parts nearby or mechanics that ever saw such a beautiful peace of engineering. So guys, you are my only hope.



09-13-11, 04:45 PM
Did you replace the plug wires? If they haven't been replaced in awhile, you might want to consider doing that. Also make certain you have the wires connected to correct firing order.

09-14-11, 01:42 AM
I didn't replace them, but I have additional isolated them with isolating tape. The firing order is OK (double checked). Today I will get an electrician to check the wires and I'll post what happened. Thanks for reply!