: Can someone snap a pic for me?

09-12-11, 08:24 PM
on the rear lower valence, I can't remember if the factory paint goes all the way back on this piece or if it shops on the small crease. Anyone want to check theirs for me real quick? The bumper has aprox 1-2" of forward ''play'' and I'm wondering if they took the thing off for some reason and didn't put it back on correctly.



Club Malibu
09-12-11, 09:18 PM
I'm not 100% sure of what you are talking about. Do you mean where the rear valance meets the body color or where the bumper is way underneath the car near the "spare tire" well???

Looks like I got some wax I need to get off.

09-15-11, 07:50 AM
Where it goes and tucks underneath the body. There's a neat line where the paint stops. Thanks.

09-15-11, 09:19 AM

GM must have ran out of Radiant Silver paint on mine

09-15-11, 12:47 PM
I thought I was the only one!