: Got an 05 V and wondering about 03 CTS & 05 CTS-V parts commonality and...

09-12-11, 07:55 PM
Whats up CTSV folks? New to this forum, but read a bunch of stuff when looking at a brand-new second-hand 2005 cts-v. Made the buy and LOVE the car. Knew id love it because I frove an 03 CTS till the wheels came off, literally. I think it would have kept going, but a near head-on with an F350 finally did it in. So I have the 03 sitting in my yard, surprisingly intact. Drivetrain is 100%, just shattered the frame and ruined everything about the driver side front end.
I plan on taking the seats and mounting them on boxes to have some nice power/heated lazy boys for the house.
Not sure what to do with the engine and drivetrain yet, but im sure theyll find some project to go into (table like top gear?).
My main question is, does anyone know what parts are shared between the two cars? Im sure a lot of the motor parts are not shared because of the new engine, but anything i can strip from the old whip to save for this one i'll take. I hate that the wheels are different lugs, wtf? I guess i'll give them to the sister... and the brand new snow tires.
As a side note, if you are going to take on an f-350, a cts is the way to do it. I was coming up a blind corner in vermont, cheating a little to the inside, an F350 SD was coming down the hill, cheating a bit to the outside. Both of us were moving ~30 mph. His front tire scraped my front end and my car went under his driver door. His rear tire tried to go over my hood, but the CTS tore his rear end completely out. And im not joking, it was not connected to his car. Leaf springs all over the place. My cadi looks fine from most angles, except the frame in front of the driver door is cracked and the front left wheel is practically torn off. Nobody was hurt, thank god, except my lovely cadi and the truck. But, i loved that car, and the V is that and more. So anyway, I wanna see what I can take outta that car and keep for this one. If that Cadi is goin into the furnace, I may as well take what i can. Any ideas? Thanks-

09-12-11, 09:19 PM
Console. The CTS console is wa-a-y better than the CTS-V one.

Well? It's a start, isn't it? :D

09-13-11, 06:39 PM
No kidding, that GPS is useless to me. And that silly stack of buttons??? Still haven't figured out how to get it to send me to anyplace other than somewhere in connecticut. I really miss the audio controls on the steering wheel too. I change stations way more than times that wanting to know my tire pressure, or toggling the speedometer features on/off... But, it has the same electrical nuances that I loved in my old one, like the auto window ups crapping out for a little bit, then fixing itself. Its funny, whenever a random electrical thing pops up, i know to just let it ride, and itll eventually be fine.
Also wondering- I think the previous owner had the 1-4 shift thing disabled because its never tried to do that on me. The little indicator pops up on the speedo, but it doesnt force a 1-4 shift. Any way i can confirm that? Anyway to confirm a diff replacement too? I bought the car w/ 45K miles, got 51K on it now and the only diff whine ive heard is on the web-

09-13-11, 08:17 PM
the V emblems are way cooler ; )