View Full Version : Goodyear Commercial with my SEMA Superchraged Escalade

Jungle George
10-26-04, 01:00 PM
Also forgot to mention to you guys that our Escalade was used for a Goodyear commercilal three weeks ago in Scottsdale. They are introducing 22" tires and next year they will introduce 24"s

The commercial will run continuously on the video wall of the Goodyear booth at SEMA and will be used for their printed brochures.

So they tell me.

For the shoot we got a set of 22"s .... FREE

Only problem was that they are not in production yet, they will be available in Spring 2005.

I got a certificate good for any size set of tires instead which I will sell.

I haven't decided yet how

10-26-04, 01:07 PM
i could use an upgrade from the stock loook :D