View Full Version : help! rear door stuck closed...1995 fleetwood

09-12-11, 03:47 PM
My rear door has been stuck closed for a while now...finally decided to try to get it opened today.

Pulled the panel off with the door closed no problem...looks like someone else had attempted to correct this problem in the past because there was a peep hole cut out in the door inner sheet metal behind the door panel and it points right to the latch mechanism.

Anyways...I've been trying to get it open for a few hours on and off and just can't seem to get the latch to release! I've tried everything...spraying with wd40, yanking on the rods with vice grips...just about everything. seems frozen up. Anyone got some tips or tricks to release this bastid?


09-12-11, 06:02 PM
Matt I free one up on another fleet some time ago
I use a long flat bladed screw driver and was able to move the latch enough to get it open
and I too soaked it with pb blaster first
once it was open all it needed was oiling and some white grease
to keep the water out

09-12-11, 06:34 PM
Thanks Jim, I'll try a long screw driver tomorrow!

09-13-11, 11:31 AM
Screw driver trick not working...

In a desperate attempt I've taken the door off the hinges in hopes that I could gain enough distance to get some tools in there and try to free up the mechanism from the outside but doesn't seem possible as of yet. This thing is really stuck in there.

09-13-11, 12:11 PM
finally got it open with a combination of shaking the door back and forth, then put the hing bolts back in and pulled back and forth on the door lock rod. it finally busted open. now I need a new latch because the one that's on there now no longer latches. hehe.

09-13-11, 06:10 PM
I encountered this problem at the junkyard. I got the door open by having someone pull the handle on the outside, while I gave the door a kick from inside. Of course, YMMV... ;)

09-13-11, 11:51 PM
i have the latch
just got to pull it off
no charge.............

09-14-11, 07:35 AM
Nice, thanks Jim!

After lots of lube and coaxing I did finally get the bastard to latch back and the door actually opened afterwards but it's still pretty sticky. I have a feeling that latch is not going to hold out.

09-17-11, 03:09 PM
Good for you, I have not heard of door stuck problems with these rides