: ELC Component Removal

09-12-11, 09:44 AM
I am in process of installing the full Strutmaster passive system on my 1999 Deville (Base) and have the following questions:

1. I don't have the RSS so do I need to use the resistors to prevent codes?
1. If I pull the ELC fuse behind the rear seat to prevent the compressor from running, will it throw any codes?
2. Since I no longer need the components for the ELC, can I just remove the compressor, air dryer, leveling switch, etc? Will it throw codes?


10-27-11, 09:02 PM
Actually wondering the same exact thing for my 99 Cadillac seville sts. Been throwing codes since I bought it. Everyday when I start it up I get the service suspension system. Dealer said it was my air compressor and that my rear end was sagging much to just leave it alone. Finally I got sick and tired of seeing my tires almost level with the fender and the warning message so I purchased the suncore rear suspension conversion kit. I went ahead and installed it and it was a piece of cake. I wired up resistors into the leveling switches that were built into the old air struts that I took out. However the service suspension warning still came on.
So after running the diagnostic option on the car the codes it is throwing is the C1738 and C1711. Searching around tells me that the compressor is dead which is why the C1738 is coming on, and there must be something going on with one of the front struts. I also read that by putting resistors on the front strut wiring may fix the issue. However I don't know how to get rid of the code involving my compressor since the thing is probably toast and I don't need it anymore anyways?

I may try pulling the fuses to the ELC and other suspension component relays and fuses, clear the codes, and see if they come back. I'm just sick of seeing the message everyday when the system is basically no longer being used.