View Full Version : Tuneup for 02 DTS (Coil Packs, Plugs, etc)

09-11-11, 05:45 AM
Good morning Chris... Submariner 409 sent me over:) Im looking for a quote for the front and rear coil packs, 8 AC Delco platinum spark plugs, and a fuel filter for a 2002 Caddy DTS with the 4.6 Northstar... Rock Auto quotes around $150 for each coil pack... Hopefully you can do better :) Thanks!

09-11-11, 04:26 PM
usually im a bit higher priced than rock auto... they have such volume that they can offer super low markup (like the walmart of automotive parts)

i'll report back tomorrow morning when i'm at work

(also, if you could PM me your VIN that will help me ensure i get the right parts looked up for you - and also save me a bit of time in doing so)

09-12-11, 09:39 AM
Front/Grey/LH Coil Pack
$485.24 - list price
$303.28 - your price

Rear/Black/RH Coil Pack
$534.12 - list price
$333.83 - your price

Spark Plugs
$9.76 - list price each
$6.10 - your price

Fuel Filter
$24.80 - list price
$15.50 - your price

I have all of these in stock
are you sure that the coils have gone bad?
that's an expensive way to diagnose the problem
have you checked the plug boots for carbon tracking?
have you swapped the modules from coil pack to coil pack?
there's other things to check also, but I would hope that the other forum members have been helping you diagnose this

let me know if you've got any questions


09-13-11, 03:14 AM
Thanks for the prices :) I have pulled all 8 plugs and they defenitely have seen better days... I know ignition coils/modules lose power/amps as they age due to heat, current, etc... I know when I used to do a tuneup on my SBC and BBC, I always replaced the plugs, wires, cap&rotor, and I would change the coil every 3-5 years depending on how many miles I put on it... I wasnt sure if the Northstar recommended that the coils be changed ever X amount of miles... Its nothing major enough to through a computer code but I am positive that every once in a while it is missing/skipping at times and I know the plugs could be the culprit but I was wondering if it was a waste of money to replace the coils... The car is a 2002 DTS with 97,000 miles...

09-13-11, 11:48 AM
the coils do not have a service life recommendation (like the plugs @ 100k miles) ... you just wait for them to fail then replace them... many cars will never need new coils

09-14-11, 02:52 AM
Thanks for the tips... More than likely, I will do the Plugs and Fuel Filter.

09-14-11, 08:36 AM
that's a good place to start