: Cadillacs in the Family

09-11-11, 12:39 AM
I was visiting my grandmother yesterday, and I she had a box of old family photos out on the dining room table. I started looking through them, and was surprised to find a few pictures of a Cadillac.


I handed her the pictures and asked her who's car it was and she looked at them for a few seconds and said that it was her's. I have owned a Cadillac for five years (yesterday) and never once has anyone in my family ever mentioned owning a Cadillac. We have dozens of pictures of grandma's '72 Impala and over a hundred of her '83 Lincoln, but only three of her Cadillac. Apparently my grandfather surprised her with it in '78, and it looks like a '74 Sedan de Ville (all of her cars were preowned by a couple of years).

I also found this one in the box. She said it belonged to a family friend. I'm not too sure of the year, but my best guess would be either '85, '87, or '88.


09-11-11, 02:13 AM
It is indeed a 1974 SDV. Very neat, Sven.

09-11-11, 02:30 AM
Those photos of it stuck in the snow are great!


My Father's two-tone Deville. THis car was long gone before I had a chance to experience it properly, so I learned about cars through everything else we owned, but always heard stories about this car.

Since then, I got my own Cadillac and there has not been another, unless you count my Girlfriend's Grandfather's '62 Deville that has since been handed down two generations or my brother's girlfriend's white Sedan Deville...one of those FWD ones I am impartial towards, so I have no idea of the year. Actually, that is how I met her, as I was called on the phone to come and save them, as their car was clearly breaking down, so they stopped to get Starbuck's and start it again, because THAT'S definitely goint to fix it. A coolant hose slipped off and I borrowed water from the Baristas to save it. Ironically, those Baristas are all now close friends of mine.

Hmmm...My little sister need a Cadillac, because this is just wrong...

09-11-11, 08:35 PM
Pictures of a simple time!!!!! How things have changed......... WOW, I sound old...

09-12-11, 10:37 AM
^I was thinking the same thing when I saw the pic...life before internet and cellphones. I wonder how long it took to get that boat right.

09-12-11, 04:25 PM
Love all those pics. I specially like that '74 SDV. Those whose parents owned a Cadillac are very fortunate. Itīs one of those cars one never forgets. Where I live when I was a little boy having one of these cars was only at the reach of the really wealthy people. After many years passed by and they were old cars, they still were expensive and getting parts for them was hard and costly; fixing them was an impossible task. Today everything has changed for better in both issues and I achieved my dream: The first caddy in my family. Thanks for those photographs, guys :)

09-12-11, 10:42 PM

I love this picture. If it was just a bit more clear, it could have been an advertisement.

09-12-11, 10:59 PM
Haha. Cameras were never important enough for us to invest in good ones in my family.

By the time we moved, those trees were so fat, the Cadillac would have been invisible, the grass was all an even green, instead of typical mountain terrain with flowers and hedges down the path and just before we moved (sixteen years after we built the house) the road was finally paved. That has to have been when I was just a wee kilted toddler, because the car was gone by the time I was two (Replaced with a Pontiac Safari Wagon and an Olds Custom Cruiser) and the house was only built right before I was born. No hospitals in my town, amidst The Great Storm of '88, if I were born fifteen minutes earlier, it would have been in the back seat of that car. Then my father tried to leave the hospital and made it about a mile before the car sputtered and died, completely buried in the snow by the next morning.