: Hard starting

09-10-11, 01:43 AM
Recently my 94 Fleetwood is having a hard time turning over when I start it for the first time during the day. It always only took 1 crank for the car to fire right up. Now it takes 2 cranks. BTW no leaky water pump.

The caddy drives fine, and it only hard starts strictly when it's been sitting all day/night, so if I go to the store, come back and start it again, it fires right up, no 2 cranks.

Also a couple times while at a stoplight idling, the car hesitated a little to move when I accelerated, it felt as if it wasn't getting enough gas and wanted to die out. But when driving, it's fine, no chugging, and it only did this twice. The idle is somewhat rougher too, but it fluctuates. It's strange, I don't no whats going on.

The car did run out of gas on me a few weeks ago, because the gas gauge reported a half a tank when really it was empty. My guess is the sending unit has failed or is failing, but wouldn't that only have to do with the gas gauge? What are symptoms of a bad fuel pump, besides for not starting?

I am going to replace the fuel filter to see if this helps with the hard starting.


09-10-11, 07:25 AM
Sometimes if you run it out of gas you can suck up a bunch of sediment from the bottom of the tank. It clogs the sock at the end of the fuel pump hanger. If you're going to drop the tank to look at the sender, I'd replace the sock anyway. Fuel filter could get clogged, too, so it can't hurt to replace that too.

Mark 78 Coupe
09-10-11, 08:39 AM
In a related note, I have a 93 Fleetwood, and it will occasionally do similar things. When I bought the car it did not come with an owners manual, and I was wondering if anyone knows how often the spark plugs should be replaced?

09-14-11, 06:03 AM
Well I replaced the fuel filter, and natha. The car still has to crank 2 or 3 times to turn over on cold starts. It looks like I'm going to have to drop the tank sometime soon.

Regarding the spark plugs, I would say the nickel plated plugs should be replaced every 30K mile. Platinum's last forever just about, so I wouldn't worry about those ever. Straight copper plugs which is actually preferred for performance doesn't last that long, mainly 10-15k miles. 20k max.