: tpms has one tire pressure blinking?

09-09-11, 07:34 PM
Hey guys, newby here. I tried searching google, but didn't come up with much in terms of my problem. I bought a 05 cts-v cheap with a few small issues. One of these issues is that the right front wheel sensor is blinking at 21psi, and the tire pressure alert light is on. I checked all the tires, and ironically, the left rear was at 21psi, and seems it has a nail in it :nono: Anyways, after airing up, there is no change in the tpms, and the tpms did not show the left rear tire as being low to begin with. So, where should I start? Please keep in mind that the dealer is the LAST place i want to go. :bouncy:

09-09-11, 08:12 PM
Well you have a couple of options.some cars have a system which knows what sensor is at each location and if the tires where rotated with out having the system reset to the new locations could be part of it. So lower the location that is blinking's tire pressure and see if it changes in side. If it does you know that they are in the correct place and that sensor is bad. It should be replaced and coded to the computer and problem solved hope this helps

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09-09-11, 09:01 PM
The pressure reading blinks when the low-pressure threshold is crossed.

Read the FAQ for the TPMS programming:

Fill all the tires to the proper pressure using a hand held gauge. Then follow instructions in the FAQ to make sure the cluster display matches the tire pressure sensor orientation.