: Anyone else discovered the steering angle sensor listed for our cars doesn't fit?

Josh D. Nooney
09-09-11, 05:35 PM
I pulled the steering column out of the car last night to replace a bad steering wheel angle sensor. The part I bought to replace the original was a Wells/Airtex SU7850. All the major auto parts retailers list this as the correct part for a 2006 STS Northstar. The original and the new parts looks similar but the old one has splines inside of it and there are a few other small differences such as the location of tabs and the lack of a rotor cuff. It appears the correct sensor is an SU7856. This sensor is listed as fitting Buick Lucerne, Corvettes, and I think CTS's. Even when you go to Wells website it says it doesn't fit but it is clearly the sensor that is needed.

Has anyone else discovered this? Also, is the steering angle sensor supposed to have a little radial play in it?

09-09-11, 05:45 PM
i was not aware of an aftermarket version of this part

my aftermarket part listings do not show this sensor as fitting your car
(or any sensor for that matter)

$80.32 - list price
$57.23 - forum discount

I do have one in stock

Josh D. Nooney
09-10-11, 11:45 PM
I ended up picking one up at the cadillac dealer today so I could get the car back on the road. No one could even order the Wells/Airtex SU7856, says the vendor is out of stock.