: Xm ?

10-25-04, 10:54 PM
I had sirius but im switching to XM for MLB now, i bought a Sa5000 reciever, does anyone know if i need a car kit if i get the universal audio adapter which has the wireless FM mod built in. It has the built in power and FM mod, do i need the car cradle or can i just make a bracket for it?

10-26-04, 12:13 PM
What about the high-gain XM antenna?

Maybe the people at www.crutchfield.com can help.

10-26-04, 01:23 PM
you have the sa 50000 receiver, you will need the sa 50002 vehicle kit which comes with the cradle, antenna & cassette adaptor. If you want to run it through the radio, you'll need the sa 50003 fm modulator (its a hide a way piece) instead of the universal modulator (that one plugs into the cig lighter) the 50003 piece is a lot cleaner install--if you use this one you'll need the gm antenna adaptors since gm uses a small ant lead. Hope this answers your question.