: Battery Issues - 10 Month old 2011 SRK 16K Miles

09-08-11, 01:48 AM
I was wondering if because of all the electronics and the Arizona Heat caused this battery to fail prematurely??
Would an Optima Yellowtop be a better solution because of all the electronics in the Premium Edition. My service manager says cannot upgrade to Optima "May void Warranty". He is not familiar at all with Optima Batteries.
Will installing a much more compatible (More compatible in my opinion due to extreme amount of electonics on my SRX) Optima Yellowtop in lieu of the OEM GM/AC/Delco battery void warranty on vehicle????

Cadillac Cust Svc
09-08-11, 11:56 AM
I would recommend you to refer to the replacement number shown on the original battery. When it comes to warranties, if the issue can be traced back to a non GM part than that may be grounds for non coverage, but your dealership will have to make that decision.
Cadillac Customer Service

09-09-11, 11:31 AM
Take the free replacement from GM and if that fails again, switch to a similar group type battery from another manufacture with better Ah and CCA. You might have just had a dud to begin with which is why I suggest taking the freebie first