: '94 Fleetwood Stretch A/V Options

09-07-11, 07:04 PM
This is gonna be long, but I appreciate any and all advice.....

Previously, I had a '96 6-door (44" stretch) Fleetwood in which I had installed a 23" drop-down LCD screen and Pioneer touch-screen head-unit. The head unit fed the LCD screen. The LCD had a second input to which I hooked up an Xbox. Unfortunately, space limitations in the dash prevented me from hooking the Xbox audio up to the head unit, so I had to use infrared headphones. Basically, I'm not afraid to tear things apart and wire stuff up myself. The '96 had a single head-unit that drove all 6 factory speakers (2 8" rounds in the package shelf and a woofer/tweeter combo in each front door). It sounded decent, but I'm looking for more this time around.

I now have a '94 Fleetwood limo. It's a 60" stretch with a partition. The partition is steel and mounted solidly between the driver compartment and passenger compartment. It's only about 2" thick, but would make a good place to mount amps on either side of it. There's a 2-gauge cable with an 80-amp fuse that runs off the battery and into a fuse panel for the limo portion of the car, mounted on the partition behind the front passenger seat. I think I can use this feed for amps and whatnot.

Set aside the fact that the '94 had a "radio control" unit in the dash, but the guts of the system was a rear-mounted "radio receiver" that had the amplifier in it. I plan to re-wire the whole thing anyway. The coach builder already split the system up. There is single-DIN head unit installed in the ceiling in the rear that powers just the 2 8" round speakers in the package shelf. The factory "radio control" and "radio receiver" are connected to the front door speakers and tweeters in the driver compartment. So I basically have 2 systems, but each only has a pair of speakers rather than 4 speakers each. I want to correct this, but with a twist.

I want a 4-speaker system in the driver's compartment and in the rear passenger compartment. I plan on installing 2 of the same Pioneer DVD touch screens that I had in my '96. I like the 2300DVD because it has USB and aux inputs on the front. The higher end unit has them in the rear. I will put one in the dash, the other in the middle of the limo. I want to install A/B switches so that I can watch/hear what's going on in the back on the front unit, and vise versa with the switches.

I'm going to mount a raw LCD panel toward the right of the partition, probably about the same size as the 23" flip-down I had before. The flip-down didn't work too well (23" is a lot of monitor to flip down) and the partition in this car allows me to permanently mount a screen there. I can make a box and cover it in the same material as the rest of the interior.

I want bass, too. As in some subs.

So the hard part is:

- where to mount front speakers in the rear compartment. There's no room anywhere to recess speakers up by the partition, but I may be able to get them into the middle doors somehow

- where to the subs go? There's room under the middle seat that I can use. Or is the trunk better? The power source will be at the partition, which is close to the middle seat.

Am I going down the right path? Any other advice.

Below are pics:

This is where the rear unit is currently mounted. Now I could replace it with a DVD/iPod unit and feed the LCD monitor with that rather than mount a touch-screen unit elsewhere. Dunno.

There used to be a TV here, but it's perfect for the touchscreen head-unit I want to install in place of the above head unit. It's in the middle of the car so everyone can access it, versus the other location where only the rear passengers can access it:

This is the partition. Need to get some mids/highs mounted up there by the middle seat. Not sure how to do that:

For amps, there is room on both sides of the partition:


Behind the middle seat:

I can fit subs under the middle seat if need be:

I can also put mids/highs in the middle doors rather than the partition. I don't know which is better. Both middle doors look like this:

So, I'm looking for advice, suggestions, etc. I don't have an unlimited budget, but want a minimum of:
- video in the front and rear
- 4-speaker system in the front and rear
- more bass than the stock system provides, but nothing crazy

10-14-11, 12:18 PM
Okay, here's what I've done so far.

I took out the middle wooden thing and modified it for a JVC KW-AVX640 head unit. I ran all RCA for the AV out of the box and behind the middle seat. Currently, I just have the rear, stock speakers hooked up powered by a Rockford Fosgate 2-channel amp. The only problem is that I have no FM reception. There's a second antenna installed on the left 1/4 panel, but it doesn't seem to be working. I suspect the Radio Shack solderless, Motorola connector that I installed. I'll have to goof around with it.










Next I'm going to hang an LED-lit LCD flat panel on the partition......

11-06-11, 07:31 PM
Okay. I'm done for now. After installing the full system in the back, I decided that the original plan of having two 4-speaker systems (one in the front and one in the back) would be a little much. Instead, I installed the LCD flat panel and another monitor in the dash. The monitor in the dash allows me to see what the receiver in the rear is thinking about. I installed an IR repeater so I can use the receiver's remote to control it from up front. I still need to tidy up the IR installation, but all in all I like it.

It was hours and hours of fabrication work, but it came out halfway decent.

Quick vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Ir7IQG7mMM&feature=youtu.be

10-08-13, 04:42 PM
hey guys ,

i bought a 1995 cadillac fleetwood limo , i am planning to remove the whole interior in order to upgrade , any a/v options , any ideas thanks alot please picts will be good too thanks a lot