: Mine gets built Monday!

09-07-11, 02:51 PM
I can't believe how much this makes me feel like a kid at Christmas! My Blue Coupe gets built Monday. Thanks for your help Squirlz!

09-07-11, 03:54 PM
Are you going to be there to see it?

09-07-11, 04:47 PM
Yes I am! And I can't thank you enough. My dealer was absolutely no help, though they have been very helpful with the rest of the process and have taken very good care of us with my wife's CTS Sedan.

09-07-11, 05:09 PM
That's great! You're going to love it. If you need any local info let me know.

09-07-11, 10:58 PM
Great news ! My dealer told me mine got built on Friday sept 2, a Canadian white V wagon, auto with polished rims.
Can you find out when it will ship ?
I got the serial # for it.

09-07-11, 11:08 PM
I don't think there is a source for when it ships. It's a matter of the transporter getting a full load for that trip or route.

09-07-11, 11:12 PM
I don't think there is a source for when it ships. It's a matter of the transporter getting a full load for that trip or route.

OK, so if someone spots a white V wagon going east to Montreal ? just let me know

09-12-11, 03:20 PM
Here it is. Everyone at the plant was wonderful! They take great pride in producing these exceptional vehicles. Now for the wait while it gets to Indy.

09-12-11, 03:58 PM
Damn dude. You're as big as I am (I'm 6' 3" 260) so glad I'm not the only big guy in a coupe.

09-12-11, 04:09 PM
The coupe is spacious. I am trading in a BMW Z3 which has been my daily driver in good weather.

09-12-11, 04:12 PM

09-22-11, 09:10 AM
Found out yesterday afternoon that the V finally made it to Indy. Now the wheels are being sent out to be chromed, the calipers are coming off the be powder coated red. Will the waiting ever be over?

09-22-11, 01:30 PM
That coupe is gonna be sweet. Dark Blue with Chrome wheels and Red calipers. :cool: :drooling:

09-22-11, 01:32 PM
Thanks BigJoe, I hope it does look as nice as I am hoping it will. Will obviously post some pictures after it is complete.

09-22-11, 06:31 PM
Thanks BigJoe, I hope it does look as nice as I am hoping it will. Will obviously post some pictures after it is complete.

Beautiful car, love the look. You'll love driving this car, they are sweet! What type aircraft do you fly???

09-23-11, 08:54 AM
So has it arrived yet?

09-23-11, 09:33 AM
khoeyer - it was built on September 12th and arrived in Indy on September 20th. Now I am waiting on the dealer add-ons (red brembos and chromed wheels). The dealer indicated about three weeks to get everything done. The powder coating is the longest process because they have to remove the brakes, disassemble them, send them out to get sand blasted, then to get powder coated, then re-assemble them, then reinstall on the vehicle. The chromed wheels should be complete and back before the brakes are complete so that should not slow the process down. I am sure it will be worth the wait when it is finished.

hamta - my log-in is from my first plane, a 1947 Aeronca Champ. From there we went to a 1949 Cessna 195, then a Citabria 7EC (for the wife to learn to fly in), then a 1953 L-19 Birddog. We just recently sold both the Cessna 195 and Birddog (sold the others several years ago) and purchased a Rans S-7s so we can go light sport, fly more cost effectively (5 gph instead of 18 gph) and to have a plane my wife is comfortable flying. She loved riding in the Cessna and the Birddog, but was not willing to learn to take off or land with them. By the way, she is the only pilot I know who has never flown a tri-cycle geared airplane.

Thanks for the questions, it does make the time seem to go faster.

09-24-11, 12:56 AM
Wow- nice that the dealer is facilitating this for you. Some are so much better than others. Will the red brembos have the V logo replaced? Did you start with the painted or the polished rims? You have to post pics when all is said and done. I think its gonna look nice! Congrats on the purchase and on getting to the factory to be there when she was "born."

09-24-11, 02:44 PM
Kluch- The V logos will be replaced on the red brembos (thanks to a souce provided here on the forum). The dealer (Lockhart Cadillac) has been extremely helpful with facilitating all of my requests and has indicated that all of this extra work will be covered in the warrantee since it was done by them prior to delivery. I started out with the painted wheels, no point in paying for the polished if we were going to just chrome them anyhow. And yes, I will post pictures when I finally get it.

10-29-11, 11:33 AM
Well, the brakes and chrome wheels took longer than anticipated, but I am driving it. Still waiting on the white V logos for the brakes, but they should be in and on by the end of next week. I am very happy with the way it came out and with the way Lockhart Cadillac took care of me. You have to click on the pictures to get the full effect of the pinstripe. Still can't thank Squirlz enough for his direction and assistance.

10-29-11, 12:08 PM
Wow that looks great!!!!! I'm a fan of the blue again!

10-29-11, 02:48 PM
That is a sweet color.

10-29-11, 11:34 PM
That looks great! I'm glad I could help.

11-05-11, 04:08 PM
Final pictures with the V stickers on the brakes.

11-07-11, 02:40 PM
Wow that blue is very nice.