View Full Version : Please help with my GPS 2011 STS

09-07-11, 02:32 PM
Just got this new STS. When I zoom in on the GPS map any closer than the 1/4 mile mark everything disappears. It will just turn blue like the texture of water. If i leave it at 1/4 it only shows main roads. I want to see all the roads and be zoomed in closer. I have tried taking out the disk and putting it back in. I can't figure it out.

09-07-11, 09:51 PM
You've probably got some weird option selected. RTFM.

09-07-11, 10:56 PM
You've probably got some weird option selected. RTFM.

Not that simple chief. And I have RTFM smart ass.

09-08-11, 03:12 PM
When you find the culprit you'll say, "I didn't think THAT would make any difference".

09-10-11, 03:23 PM
I hope your right...but so far still no luck. I have messed with it a few times yesterday and today and still cannot figure it out. If I change that map so it has the small map on the right and try to zoom in on that map past 1/4 mile it does the same thing. It always doesn't show the blue though. Sometimes it will be that normal off white color that is the color of land. I tried restoring it to defaults too and that didn't work either. I am at a loss.... I know that the map will display all the little side streets and not just the main roads and interstates right?? And zoom in past 1/4 mile?? On a side note....I drove my bosses 2011 CRX i think it is?? Those newer little cadi crossovers. Why is the info system more modern and smoother in that compared to the STS?? The system in the STS just seems so outdated compared to other GM models entertainment/navigation systems. Why is that? The navigation dvd says its version 6.0c on the disc. Is this the version that came with the car when it was right from the factory?? I have tried to look up this info online but couldn't figure it out. I did see that there is a new 7.0 version available from the GM nav disc website. So it does seem likely 6.0c would be pretty recent. If anyone can help me figure this out I would appreciate it. The only thing I can think of is that either the DVD itself is partially bad or the DVD-ROM has some sort of fault. The former seeming more likely to me.

09-10-11, 09:56 PM
I'm just throwing out some guesses here...
Do you have the proper disc? Are you using the East Coast disc if you live on the East Coast? (or West for West)
Is there any chance that the disc you have doesn't belong to this car at all? e.g., it is a DTS disc? Even if you bought the car new, the dealer could have made this mistake. Confirm with the full ~8 digit GM part number.

The tech seems old because it is old. This design first hit the market in 2004, which means the design phase began around 2000. That's an eternity in the tech world. We were using Windows 3.1 back then, and Gigabytes were how you measured hard disks, not RAM. And even so, the design has terrible usability for even a y2k product.