: need some help with my 1994 Deville 4.9L v8

09-06-11, 03:05 PM
Car sputters when i push on the gas pedal and shuts off. It turns right back on when i turn the key. Only happens sometimes. Has been starting to get worse over the course of a month. Changed the plugs about a month ago, gas is at good level. (When it turns off the gas gauge goes low, and goes up to its level after that.) What could it be?
(Also the car backfired on me on way to work when i pressed the gas at 53mph.??)

Last owner used regular unleaded gasoline. I've been using plus instead of supreme. It was working good... owner since January 2011. 85,3## on odometer

09-06-11, 05:29 PM
Check the Fuel Pressure Regulator. Make sure that it is giving the correct pressures. Also remove the vacuum hose from the regulator and check for the presence of fuel. There should be none in the vacuum hose. If there is, Then the Fuel Pressure Regulator Diaphragm has failed.

09-11-11, 11:06 AM
Hey did you ever find out what it was? Seems simple but the same thing happened to me, it turned out to be a clogged fuel filter. Fixed her right up.

03-03-14, 09:49 AM
It could be the a Intermitt MAP sensor.Did you check your codes?

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03-05-14, 08:43 PM
That was last posted almost 3 years ago!!!! Could be dead by now!