: V Back To The FORD Dealer For Service

09-05-11, 09:27 PM
OK, it was for alignment and every car dealer uses the same type machine. But the local Ford dealer has an excellent reputation and my company vehicles have always gone there. When my rear tires wore out prematurely (12K miles) I wanted to get the alignment checked but didn't want to take it back to the selling dealer (McAllen, TX) because of their attitude. So on to the Ford dealer who found the rear alignment way out on several specs and corrected everything. Problem solved. Then the recall came out on the rear suspension and I took the V to the only other nearby Cadillac dealer (Brownsville, TX.). Although they are small I figured they couldn't screw this up. Wrong. When they were done they told me my front specs were out, marginally. It was after I left I realized they were using specs for a regular 2008 CTS. So the fronts were in range for a V. Then the next road trip. The vehicle was not tracking like it did before and the right rear tire was running much higher tire pressure after long highway driving. I was guessing something was out and the one tire was not aligned correctly causing increased heat and higher pressure. Back to the Ford dealer who found the right rear out of specs. Paid another $80 for another alignment but that's cheap considering the cost of these tires. There are no good Cadillac Dealers in South Texas. Guess I'll have to take it to Florida for decent Cadillac work like I did with my V-1. Thank you Tony Pagano.

09-06-11, 09:33 AM
Man sucks, good thing the Ford guys are working out for you.