View Full Version : Pulled the trigger and Purchased an 09-I LIKE IT!

09-05-11, 09:53 AM
I finally gave up the Camaro and purchased one of these nice machines. It's an 09 with 20k with every option for that year. This car is clean. The previous owner was very much into caring for this vehicle. I drove 340 miles to take delivery and the car average 19 mpg while driving back home. I averaged about 80mph. Not bad for a 556hp 2 ton sedan. Car is black on black. One question I have is, I hear a little wind noise at 80 plus mph. Is that normal? Also, what can I expect to run in the quarter? Please chime in and thanks for any feedback.


09-05-11, 10:50 AM
Ken, congratulations! Not sure about wind noise. Have you isolated the location of the noise?
Look anywhere from a 12.0 to 12.2 depending on skill and tires.

Here is a Link to some times and mods:

09-05-11, 05:22 PM
I don't get a lot of windnoise but occasionally I get a faint sound at highway speed that sounds as if the window isn't all the way up. Nothing obnoxious at all.

09-08-11, 01:04 AM
Thanks for the information. Trap, that's what I'm hearing.

09-08-11, 05:55 PM
Congrats on your new baby. Have you named it yet? I just picked up an 09 as well and am blown away with the build quality on this thing. As far a wind noise - it depends how much beer and Mexican food I have consumed. Enjoy!

09-08-11, 06:03 PM
I have the windnoise too and thought it was normal until I read this: http://www.cadillac.com/newstandards/v-series-luxury-vehicles.html#/?slide=nurburgringtunedchassis