: Anybody got a slow passenger side window???

09-05-11, 07:21 AM
My passenger side window is extremely slow coming up at times. It goes down just fine.

I already had the dealer changed out the regulator/motor and still no change. Anybody else had a problem with any of their windows in their V.

09-05-11, 07:54 AM
NO problem here.

Club Malibu
09-05-11, 09:39 AM
No problems YET. It's a GM thing with this window slow stuff. I am fully expecting the windows to get slow sooner or later. My other GM cars I would remove the window switches, and spray electrical contact cleaner inside them the best I could and this would do the trick.

Testing a switch for continuity with a volt meter is a bad way to test a switch. Dirty contacts will allow any voltage and super low current to go through but not allow high current.

09-05-11, 05:58 PM
NO problem here.

Ditto - 18K miles and all the windows go up/dwn fine.