: new 09'v-car owner?????

09-04-11, 03:41 PM
Just wanna start off by sayin;;;i've luved v-car from beginnin;readin bout the new upcomin cadillac 4-door with z06 motor/6-speed.i couldnt wait!then when they came i just couldnt afford 1 at that time so i bought 04'gto which was a fun car but i wanted the new v.wasnt long befor they started showin up at auctions with side tore up etc.from people losin control of all that power.anyhoo; i bought an 05' blk/blk w/4300 mi. And had it repaired.took lil too long for repairs and i made mistake of drivin car as soon as r/r suspension was repaired so before car was fixed i found anuther blk 05' unhurt in delaware w/3k. Mi. At a very low price so;; i had 2. Nine carz later [11 total] & i kept buyin/sellin til i found a super clean silver/blk 04' supercharged w/ low miles.i kept that car 4 2 1/2 yrs. And sold it to get a z06.supercharged it and regretted sellin v-car so; i bought anuther stock sil/grey 06'.didnt cut it!!cant go down in horses?? So; i went and drove 09' and after sold the 06' and started lookin;;;just found a beautiful red 09' with 7600 mi. Up in big sky country.its had lil work and is real stout.i just wanna know;;how big a tire can be put on stock rear wheels????and;will c-5/c-6 vette wheels fit all around??and how wide a vette wheel and tire can be put on rear and;front?any 09'-11'owners in las vegas out there?appreciate all answers.

09-05-11, 12:14 AM
Dude, texting that much?????? It's too hard to read and understand. :)

09-05-11, 12:52 PM
Congrats on buying V2.
I also had 2005 V before I than bought the 2009 V2.
Amazing improvement in performance and comfort.
If you Google "Cadillac forum 2009 CTS v Corvette wheels" you will get a lot of threads on the subject