View Full Version : hard starting 1997 STS

09-04-11, 11:53 AM
hi all!

i finally got a 1997 sts. after a few cross-country trips it's got ~160k miles on it. since i got it, it's been rather hard to start. the starter has to turn for ~30 seconds just to start. once started, it idles fine, doesn't really hesitate on throttle and has no other problems. it behaves this way in all weather and at all temps - even if i just shut the motor off five minutes before.

we put in new plugs a few months ago and although it feels peppier, it doesn't start any easier. the plugs that were in it were not too terribly fouled.

is this the fuel filter? what else should i look at?

thanks so much for any pointers! i've got a laundry list of other items i'll be digging into as i tackle them, so ask questions and i'll give lots of info :)

09-05-11, 10:08 AM
sorry! wrong group - i just reposted in the northstar group...