View Full Version : Shocks, Pads, and what's this?

09-03-11, 05:50 PM
2008 STS, 3.6DI, AWD

Can I replace the four (?) shocks myself? Not asking permission, just wondering if a dealer has to do it.

Same with the disk brake pads - same as we used to do years ago?

And the "camera" mounted on the front side of the rear view mirror - what's it for? I don't seem to have the "gap" switch on the steering wheel. As always, still confused about these things.

I did get a printout of some warranty work that was done on the car before I got it, and at some point I see the steering wheel was replaced (why?). Do you suppose they used a regular, non-gap wheel for the replacement, hoping nobody would notice?

Thanks in advance for your usually great answers,


09-03-11, 06:14 PM
This will be for lane departure warning or IntelliBeam. Please take a pic for confirmation.

09-03-11, 06:52 PM
I recently replaced rear pads on my '05 STS due to squealer indicating replacement required, and it was possibly the easiest pad replacement I've ever done. I've done a few too, on a number of makes, and this was a piece o' cake!