: more electrical gremlins

09-03-11, 04:24 PM
BTW, this is after doing a head gasket job via dropping the cradle.
I finished bleeding the brakes, and decided to take for a test drive. Everything sounded and felt great....but... the temp gauge never moved.
The check coolant and the check brake fluid level messages came up on the panel. The brake idiot light also showed on the dash. The light and
the messages showed before I was wondering about the temp gauge. Anyway, I stopped and checked, nothing wrong, but at this point the fans
should have kicked on.
I am thinking that I may have a problem with the wiring harness or something in that area. The ECT sensor, the master brake cylinder
and the coolant level sensor I believe are all on the same branch of the harness. If anyone knows for sure, could you please let me know?
I am happy that the "hard" work is done, but chasing down an electrical gremlin is hard in itself. I did re-seat the main connection next to the
surge tank, and I re-seated all three sensor connections. Still no temp registering, and the low coolant and brake fluid messages pop up like expected.
Not planning on running the car until the problem is fixed, don't need to overheat it just for the heck of it. Down here in the Houston heat, it
doesn't take much, and without the fans running, and the temp guage not working, I would be playing with fire.
BTW, how long would it normally take for temp gauge to start to move if started cold, if you can consider mid 90's cold :)

09-03-11, 11:42 PM
BTW, how long would it normally take for temp gauge to start to move if started cold, if you can consider mid 90's cold
Maybe this will help.

09-05-11, 02:35 PM
Well, I found out that brain fog is what made at least part of the problem. Seems that somehow
the boy (couldn't have been me :) ) got the brake fluid sensor connector and the ECT sensor connectors
switched around. Now the temp guage and the brake messages no longer appear, however, the low
coolant message is still popping up. We didn't mess with that sensor, so at this point, I am at a loss to that.
Time to do some wire tracing.

09-06-11, 09:56 PM
The low coolant sensor in the reservoir is probably bad . They seem to have issues once the tank gets empty. Or maybe its not plugged in. Wondering how the coolant sensor wire was plugged into the master cylinder? The wire cant possibly have reached unless it was pulled out of the loom