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08-31-11, 03:28 PM
Did a search on iPod control but couldn't find any reference to this issue.

I currently have the latest generation iPod Classic 160GB. It is connected to my SRX (with nav system) using the USB cable that came with the iPod. Everything works fine except that when I select to view by 'Artist' all I get is a list of songs by that artist in alphabetical order. This is a major PITA since my iPod has more than one album (CD, Record or whatever they are called these days) by most artists and some have duplicate songs.

For example - yesterday I wanted to listen to Traffic. I have 4 different Traffic albums on my iPod. When I selected Traffic from the list of artists, I was presented with a list that contained multiple listings for many of the songs.
ie. Shootout at the Fantasy Factory from the album of the same name; Shootout at the Fantasy Factory from the Greatest Hits album; and Shootout at the Fantasy Factory from the On The Road live album.

In my last vehicle (2010 GMC Acadia with nav) when 'Artist' was selected, it would show a list of the albums by that artist. I could then pick which album I wanted to listen to.
ie. By selecting 'Traffic' I would have seen this list of albums:
Greatest Hits
Low Spark of High Heeled Boys
On The Road
Shootout at the Fantasy Factory
I could then select which album I wanted to listen to or select 'All Songs' to play all songs from all 4 albums.

Is there a way to fix this? The only way I can figure out is to create a playlist for each artist. Since my iPod holds about one thousand albums by 600 different artists it would be a major hassle. I know I can use a thumb drive but I don't want to copy all the songs AGAIN.
Plus I'd have to carry a lot of thumb drives. :histeric:

I'm usually good with electronics but I'm at a loss on this one. :banghead:
Any assist will be greatly appreciated.

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08-31-11, 09:45 PM
I have the same problem. I did figure out a solution, however it would require a fair amount of work on your end and by no means is it perfect (and actually probably would be less than ideal in your case).
If you go into Itunes, you could rename your albums with the band name first, and then the album, you could artificially search by Band-Album. This is how it would appear:

Let's say you want to listen to Gun's N Roses, but don't remember the name of the album with Civil War on it (Use Your Illusion 2). Instead of scrolling through all the albums to find it (which is what you would have to do if you searched by Album in the SRX), and instead of listening to every song Guns N' Roses ever put out (which is what you would have to do if you searched by Artist).

If you renamed all of the albums with the band first, you would search by Album, find the album Guns N' Roses-Use Your Illusion 2, you would only be listening to that particular album, in it's original order.

Now, since you have 1k albums, that would mean you'd need to rename every one, which would be really time consuming, but it's about the only solution I have been able to come up with

BTW, is this problem fixed if you use a thumb drive?

08-31-11, 10:26 PM
I like your solution except for the amount of work involved. Waaaaaayyyyy too many albums to rename. Then the REAL iPod usability goes away whether in the car or not. I'll keep looking. There has to be a way to fix this issue.

Haven't tried thumb drive since that's not what my ultimate goal is.

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08-31-11, 10:42 PM
Have you updated your iPods to the latest firmware? Have you contacted your dealer about this problem? They're continuously updating software for various parts of the SRX, including the radio. They don't announce these updates to the general public. Therefore, you won't find out about them unless you complain about a specific problem.


08-31-11, 11:40 PM
I seem to recall the 160 GB iPod Classic is one of the models not compatible with the GM system. Here is an old post to a Cadillac forum referencing the issue: http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/cadillac-forum/t-210890.html

I purchase a Apple reconditioned 5th generation iPod 16GB Nano at considerable savings, abandoned the thought of using my 160 GB Classic and the Nano functions perfectly in my 2011 SRX.

09-01-11, 08:36 AM
All compatible Apple devices are listed here:



09-01-11, 11:13 AM
Yeah, I have the latest firmware update on my Iphone, so I know that's not the issue. I told my dealer, and they gave me the "it is what it is" speech. It can't be that hard of a update on the system though, right? I mean, all they need to do is add one more folder within the Artist folder (Albums and All Songs).

09-01-11, 11:35 AM
Exactly. Albums by Artists. One more item on the menu. What is really weird is that all my playlists are fine. They do not get alphabetized.

09-01-11, 08:26 PM
well, I tried a 1gb thumb drive. Sweet. Now I'm looking for a 200gb thumb drive. :yup:

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09-06-11, 01:56 AM
I seem to recall the 160 GB iPod Classic is one of the models not compatible with the GM system. Here is an old post to a Cadillac forum referencing the issue: http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/cadillac-forum/t-210890.html

yeah, that was me mucking around. the numerical update works well for playing the albums in the correct order, and if i scroll through "Albums" i'll eventually find what i'm looking for, but the"Songs" directory is a real nightmare now. it would be bad enough if it listed 13k songs alphabetically, but it's even worse now since it lists them as "Track 01 Ab's Song, Track 01 Action Man, Track 01 After the Goldrush" (e.g.) etc., and when it hits Track 01 Z****, then it goes to Track 02 A**** and so on. so it's completley useless altogether.

still, the fix for albums playing correctly was worth it. but of course they should have Album by Artist.