: Discbrake DeVille 1968

08-31-11, 06:25 AM
Could I use rotors, calipers, spindles from a 1972 DeVille and replace my drums at a 1968 DeVille? Anything else to replace?

08-31-11, 07:10 AM
I'm almost positive it won't work but I don't know where to look it up. A lot of suspension components changed after 1970. I would say a 68-70 setup should work.

09-25-11, 02:49 PM
It's only the lower balljoint which is not the same 1968 to 1971, anyone who now what's the difference? Maybe 1968 balljoint fits in 1971 spindle?

The Ape Man
10-02-11, 05:46 PM
IIRC the front end is very similar from 1962 to 1976. An old Mitchell parts book could verify that.

You still need the proportioning valve, master cylinder, steel lines and hoses from a later donor car. Even after that the booster and pedal geometry might be different too.

10-03-11, 05:25 PM
I think USA Parts Supply catalog may help you: http://www.usapartssupply.com/uploads/USA_PARTS_1971-1985_Cadillac_Catalog.pdf Each part in the catalog has a reference. If a part fits different years, it has the same reference. For example, you can see on page 38 front rotors are the same for 1968-71. On page 5 you can find calipers. RWD 1971-76 are the same, so `68 should not fit.

There are 2 catalogs: Until 1970 and since 1971. Hope it helps. ;)

10-04-11, 04:57 AM
They were still using drums in 1968!?!?!?!?!

I thought for sure they switched to front discs several years before that. I mean front disc brakes were optional on lowly 6 cylinder Chevy Malibus for 1968.