: So I picked up a 93 Allante

08-31-11, 06:15 AM
So I picked up a 93 Allante and absolutely love it so far, however she does have a few issues I need to troubleshoot a bit.

The instrument cluster and center console and even headlights lights all flicker slightly, never going dark but going from bright to slightly less bright, back to normal again almost all the time, I notice it most obviously when I am sitting in the car getting her warmed up a bit, not so much when driving as my eyes are occupied more often.

The climate control panel works.....sometimes :D Usually at start up I cant change any of the settings like changing to defrost or fan speeds or temp, many times after about 5-10 miles of driving it starts to work. Due to this little issue I have not been able to pull codes yet, but will try again when i get home this morning.

The engine runs fantastic, it needs the dogbone motor mounts on top replaced as the bushings inside both are shot, which brings me to the only real driveability issue. it seems to have an issue with the overdrive, driving on a 40mph country backroad the tach shows 2,000 rpm and it surges, lunges and lurches like its confused and cant hold a steady rpm. My father who was in the biz called it a "chuggle" however if I drop it into 3 it pretty much goes away. it will do the same thing on the freeway at around 2,000 rpm but not nearly as bad. I have read up on this "chuggle" some people say its the tranny going bad (should I service it?) some say its spark which I will address the weekend with plugs and wires and all that fun stuff, others however say its just a gm thing, my neighbor owned a vette of a similiar year and said it was horrible and there is really not much you can do about it other then dropping out of OD. Anyone have any ideas on these minor little issues with my new beauty?

Also I have no idea where the wheels came from and i forgot to ask, anyone have any ideas? I like the looks of them but have no idea what kind of caddy they came from.

Also in the 2nd photo that gigantic blue mass under the tarp behind my jerk of a cat is a 73 Eldo convertible if anyone wants it fairly cheap :D

Thanks in advance and I love this place and LOVE the car !




08-31-11, 10:35 AM
those are cts wheels if im not mistaken

NICE Allanté

08-31-11, 10:42 AM
I suspect the chuggle will be lessened by the plugs AND wires replacements. Light throttle in overdrive will make any fault in the secondary ignition show up. The flickering can be a faulty voltage regulator within the alternator, it was on my 88.

08-31-11, 11:38 AM
could it be a bad ground as well?

08-31-11, 09:33 PM
I agree, flickering lights sound like bad grounds.

09-02-11, 03:43 AM
cool thanks guys, when you say bad ground where should I start looking? planning on a major tuneup this weekend to see if the chuggle settles down a bit? what do you think? not to shabby for 3,000$ ? cheers and thanks again !


09-02-11, 06:18 AM
1. How many miles on the odometer?
2. Start with the basics before tossing money into it.
3. Check all electrical connections and fuses for corrosion and tightness.
4. Check all fluid holding hoses for dry rot.
5. Check all vacuum hoses for dry rot. One leaking vacuum hose can really cause a LOT of problems.
6. Good luck with it.