: Any Rebates for 2012 or 0% interest

08-30-11, 09:27 PM
We have a 2007 Escalade that we want to trade in for a 2012 SRX around the end of September. Anyone hear of any incentives for the 2012's yet. I work for a big gas & oil company and get the company's fleet discount, and you can use any incentives on top of it. I think right now on the 2011 you can only get 0% interest for 36 months. Cadillac is not offering anything on the 2012's yet. What have you all heard.

Marc NY
08-31-11, 06:08 AM
Your answer is NO!

Because of the HUGE popularity of the SRX and especially now with the new 3.6! Thus once again, there won't be any rebates on the 2012 MY SRXs and the 0% financing won't be around again until later on next year.

If ... there were going to be any rebates handed out it would be only on the remaining left-over 2011 SRXs.

Soooooooooo if you are looking for one of those http://i222.photobucket.com/albums/dd198/MarcNY/Smiley%20Signs/0_new9p.gif HOT SRXs you will have to buy it without any incentives. :eyebrow:


09-01-11, 10:41 AM
Focus will continue to be on selling the 2011MY vehicles for at least the next month.