: Contacts List ALL V guys Tri-State area

08-30-11, 08:58 PM
Hey guys, after the great turn out for the Woodward Cruise a few people suggested we get a contacts list going to spread the "V"ord for other gatherings and shenanigans for the MI, OH, IN, PA, IL etc crowds. If you own a "V" of any kind and want to be alerted when something is going on, then shoot me an email ggray@stakindustries.com with your Screen name, real name,
year,model, color of V, email, cell # and where you're from.

I've started a simple spreadsheet that I will send to everyone as it gets filled in. I've tried sending PM's to people but this forum won't let you send more than 2 PM's per hour which makes for a slow process.

This can be a huge asset both ways, if you know of an event (Track rental, cars and coffee, anything) in your area you can let us know as well.

Some of you already know that next year at Mid Ohio for the Rolex Series race the Caddy guys have invited us to join their corral and hospitality tent.

Sign up, lets get this thing rolling.

George Gray
aka TORXILA, Evo Green '11 Coupe, 6MT