: What to do next???

08-30-11, 02:05 AM
Thinking about some potential springtime mods for next year...

Auto-levelling (export) headlamps (not the same as the ALC currently in the car).
Factory moonroof (have one in my other car and really miss it).
Rear fog lights (gives the car a bit of a different look and possible improved safety).
New wheels (well, what more can be said).

Now, if I had easy access to SLS parts for research and comparison, I'd be looking at some of the things us North American folk have been screwed out of such as... heated, ventilated, massage and power lumbar rear seats...

Thoughts or suggestions? Keep in mind I don't do aftermarket mods to my cars :)

08-30-11, 01:07 PM
I think the moonroof would be a interesting project. I really do miss having that option. Not sure if the STS had this available at all, but I just bought an 97 Audi A8 to use for a winter vehicle and it is equipped with the Solar Moonroof. It uses the solar power to run the auxilary fans to keep the car cool during the summer months.

Even in very low sunlight, light-sensitive elements under the glass sunroof panel produce electricity to power the ventilator inside the vehicle. Even when the ignition is switched off, the interior will be supplied with a continuous flow of fresh air and temperature levels inside the vehicle can be reduced by as much as 50% with the outside air that is cleaned as is passes through the dust and pollen filter. This kind of ventilation does not put any additional demands on the car’s battery. This preliminary cooling lets the air conditioner cool the interior to the desired temperature with little energy and use of the ventilator.

Would be a hell of a project.

08-31-11, 02:16 PM
Interesting info on the Audi. I didn't know something like that was ever in a production car. The STS definitely doesn't have that option.

The moonroof is something I'm quite interested in. The bulk of the work would fall on the auto body shop to replace the roof panel. Looking at the shop manual, there is a procedure for this. Once that part is done, the rest is pretty easy for me. There is minimal wiring required and the four drain tubes would be relatively easy to install. Obviously, this is an expensive upgrade so I'm not entirely sold on it just yet. It would be really nice to have though.

08-31-11, 02:25 PM
The funny thing is, my A8 is a '97. Crazy that they had that technology in use 14 years ago. It looks like you can pick up the sunroof assembly for fairly cheap salvage. There are actually a couple complete units just down the street from my house for $150. I imagine you can find most of the parts salvage or surplus. The bulk of your cost is going to be in body work I would guess. "Honey, go grab me the saws-all." lol

09-01-11, 01:38 AM
What is even funnier is that Toyota started putting the solar powered ventilation system as an option in the Prius and they advertise it like they invented it last week.

09-01-11, 11:15 AM
What is even funnier is that Toyota started putting the solar powered ventilation system as an option in the Prius and they advertise it like they invented it last week.

Oh yeah, I've seen those commercials. Leave it to Toyota. That makes me wonder when they were actually first put to use. hmm.

09-01-11, 11:26 AM
Looks like first in world was the Audi Coupe in 91 and first USA was Mazda 929 in 92. So technology that has been around for 20 years, still a rare occurrence.

09-01-11, 12:47 PM
It is probably an expensive option that just isn't worth it to most people. I wouldn't pay an extra $1,000 for it. Besides, we have remote start and can cool the car down just fine before we need to get in it. Granted this uses a little bit of gas, but it's minimal just to idle the car.

09-01-11, 01:01 PM
I agree that many would not want to pay a lot of additional money for a solar panel based system, but you might be surprised how much fuel a vehicle uses when idling. Ours are of course limited to 20 minutes maximum which helps.