: FS 2005 CTS-V, $16k, Chattanooga

08-29-11, 09:08 PM

Many more pictures here: http://s241.photobucket.com/albums/ff99/featheredmafia/CTS-V/

Video of the car here (I'm going to miss this sound): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UR_pt9aGOrU

Itís time for me to sell my 2005 CTS-V. Itís been a blast, but I want to try something different now. I bought the car with 33,000 miles on it in Texas in 2008. The car now has ~83,000 miles on it, and I live near Chattanooga, TN. I can count on one hand the number of times the car has seen snow, and itís 100% rust-free. The car has a sunroof, and is black on black.

The good:

-Corsa exhaust
-K&N kit
-Katech short-throw shifter
-Katech ported throttle body
-Katech belt tensioner (black)
-Spectre Works rear cradle bushings
-FG2 shocks
-Ground Control coilovers w/600-lb front/650-lb rear springs. The car is at stock ride heightóI just wanted firmer springs.
-Hotchkis sway bars
-Standard CTS armrest upgrade (still have the stock one, but the plastic underside is broken)
-Made 356 hp and 340 lb-ft on a Dynojet (green trace on the dyno graph)
-Ran 13.63@108.56 mph on street tires. Iím a bad drag racer, so it probably has more in it.
-Radiator replaced at 50,000 miles.
-New trunk struts, so the car doesnít try to eat your hands.
-Always maintained with Mobil 1 fluids.
-Hawk HP+ pads. Fantastic braking power, but lots of dust and occasional squealing.

Parts not installed, but included:

-Team Dynamics 18x9 wheels in great shape. They currently have very played out Hoosier A6s mounted on them. The tires are worthless.
-5mm spacers for the front wheels. I only needed them because I was running 275 Hoosiers.
-ASP underdrive crank pulley, new and never used.
-160 degree T-stat.
-UUC poly differential bushing.
-Stock engine cover. I removed it because I wanted to see the engine, but itís in perfect shape.
-Factory exhaust manifold gaskets NIB. I was going to install headers but never did.
-A few other assorted stock parts.

The bad:

-Needs to have the motor mounts and/or trans mounts replaced. If the car doesnít sell reasonably soon, Iíll probably replace them myself.
-The right front FG2 leaked all its fluid, and since single FG2s werenít available, I had to replace it with an FE4 shock.
-The car has the usual rock chips youíd expect from age on the front valance.
-Small scratch on the rear bumper cover by the V emblem.
-Also has the typical chipped paint on various interior knobs and buttons.
-Needs tires soon. (Currently Goodyear F1GSD3)
-The wheels have some minor wear. One has moderate scratches and a bit of curb rash.
-Front inner splash guards are worn through from tire rub.

All in all, itís a well cared for car, with standard wear for its age. The minor upgrades make it a lot of fun to drive, but as I said, Iím just ready to try something different. The car is currently my DD, so mileage will increase ~200 miles a week or so until it sells. I have pictures of all the car's faults at the link above. I want the buyer to be happy when he sees the car for the first time in person. If you're looking for a pristine car, this isn't it. But it still looks great, and if you want to have a fun car that you can drive without fear, this might be the car for you.

Iím asking $16,000 for the car and all the loose parts, but Iím open to reasonable offers. The car is located in Chattanooga, TN. Email me at magnumpi at dock.net with any questions.

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Bump bump.

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Is this car still available for sale?