: New STS owner with a question

08-27-11, 10:14 PM
Hello everyone,
Just purchase a new to me '02 STS. I have a problem, I do not have any backup lights. The backup sensor works fine but no lights. I was wondering if you put the e-brake on, is it supposed to release when you put the car in reverse or only in drive? It will release fine in drive. The manual states when it is moved from park or neutral it will release. Wondering if this is some indication that maybe switch or relay is bad? Anyone had a similar situation. Love the car and got such an incredible deal I don't mind fixing all the little issues. Had to replace dash light sensors, 1 headlight, went ahead and replaced all the rear bulbs just in case, changed power steering fluid, brake fluid, trans fluid, engine oil. Any help or suggestion are welcome and greatly appreciated. Thank you all in advance.

08-27-11, 10:29 PM

You've found the forum targeting the 2005+ STS. You'll likely get better advice in another forum. Try the link below:


Enjoy your new ride!